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Coop is an Italian cooperative which operates the largest supermarket chain in Italy.

The first cooperative shop was established in Turin in 1854. As of 2005, Coop operates nearly 1,300 shops and employs almost 55,700 people, with more than 6,200,000 members and the revenue is 11.8 billion.

The headquarter of Coop Italia is in Casalecchio di Reno, nearby Bologna
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Consumers' cooperative
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A consumers' cooperative is a cooperative business owned by its customers for their mutual benefit. It is a form of free enterprise that is oriented toward service rather than pecuniary profit. The customers or consumers of the goods and/or services the business provides are often also the individuals who have provided the capital required to launch or purchase that enterprise.

In some countries, they are also known as cooperative retail societies or retail co-ops, though they are not to be confused with retailers' cooperatives, whose members are retailers rather than consumers.

There are many types of consumers' cooperative. There are health care, insurance, and housing cooperatives as well as credit unions, agricultural and utility cooperatives. The major difference between consumers' cooperatives and other forms of business is that the purpose of a consumers' cooperative association is to provide quality goods and services at the lowest cost to the consumer/owners rather than to sell goods and services at the highest price above cost that the consumer is willing to pay.[citation needed] In practice consumers' cooperatives price goods and services at competitive market rates.[citation needed] The difference is that where a for-profit enterprise will treat the difference between cost (including labor, etc.) and selling price as financial gain for investors, the consumer owned enterprise may retain this to accumulate capital in common ownership, distribute it to meet the consumer's social objectives, or refund this sum to the consumer/owner as an over-payment.

Large consumers' co-ops are run much like any other business and require workers, managers, clerks, products, and customers to keep the doors open and the business running. In smaller businesses the consumer/owners are often workers as well. Consumers' cooperatives can differ greatly in start up and also in how the co-op is run but to be true to the consumers' cooperative form of business the enterprise should follow the Rochdale Principles.

Consumers' cooperatives may, in turn, form cooperative federations. These may come in the form of cooperative wholesale societies, through which consumers' cooperatives collectively purchase goods at wholesale prices and, in some cases, own factories. Alternatively, they may be members of cooperative unions.

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